Elisabeth Harmon

“Beth” is a genius Chess player and holds the principal character in the TV series The Queen’s Gambit. In the story, Beth’s mother died in a car accident and her father abandoned her and her mother. The Queen’s Gambit shows Beth as somebody who’s full of anger and driven by great passion. Those feelings are known to be what’s pushing her to be incredible at chess. They’re also the cause of her inclination to consume pills regularly.
Beth is a woman different from all others because of her behavior and her incredible chess talent. She doesn’t fit to the normal image of a woman. She is fine with that. What she doesn’t like is when people only focusing on her being a woman rather than her being a chess genius. That is why she has is in great difficulty when she tries to build relationships with others when there’s nothing involving chess.
Other than being an awesome Chess player, Beth is also very talented when it comes to mathematics, history and science. She has managed to acquire the capacity to speak Russian fluently in just five years. That ability gives her the power to know what Russian player thinks of her.
Anya Taylor-Joy is the one that plays Beth’s Character for most of the series. Some episodes show Beth’s younger days. The character is played by Annabeth Kelly when the scene shows her as a five years old. Isla Johnston plays Beth when she’s shown in different period of her youth.