Benny Watts

Benny Watts (Thomas Brodie-Sangster)

Benny Watts act

Benny seems to be the only player who has the potential to defeat Beth in chess, including of course the victory resulted from the beginner’s luck. He has special skills at speed chess, but he does not reign for a long time. And he’s also one of Beth closest allies.

Benny Watts actor

Benny also used to follow some imposed strict principles regarding himself and his life, and these obviously demonstrate to be efficacious for his whole life. He belongs to that category of people who are naturally talented and intelligent players in the world. For that, Beth deliberately plans to defeat him. But it seems that Benny is the most respected mentor that Beth has all along her career in chess game. He teaches her many thingd for a long time and due to his personality, Beth is definitely attracted to him.

Benny Watts

Otherwise, Thomas Brodie-Sangster is a famous actor since his childhood. He, for instance appears as Sam in Love and Simon in Nanny McPhee. Right after, he has notable role as Jojen Reed in Game of Thrones and Newt in the Maze Runner film series while he played a young Paul McCartney in the 2009 film Nowhere Boy.