Episode 5 : Fork

The opening

Episode 5 starts with a remembrance of Beth’s youth — her biological mother tells her that she does not have to be scared of loneliness. Today, Beth goes back to Kentucky after the dramatic events that happened in Mexico. She lives alone in a house that is now hers. Everything seems to jog her memory of Mrs Wheatley.
The Netflix series has progressively shown the character intensely jump from a dependent girl to a fully independent woman in fast sequence and all born from tragedy.

Harry’s will to help Beth

About midnight, Harry Beltik rings her and questions her about her last game against Borgov. He suggests then to personally train her. Beth accepts Harry’s help. He reminds her that he’s seen her match with Benny and has remarked that when she gets angry, she focuses too much on one strategy. Henry suggests her to visualize again her moves with Benny. Beth and Harry realized that they’ve both grown up. Harry tells her that he’s got his teeth done which marks the main difference.

Throwing Beth the real check to fight Borgov

It’s has always been the problem. But Beth keeps on thinking that it is the fact that she cannot be beaten which makes her weaker at the game and Harry finally shows her a reality check in Episode 5.
Harry goes back the next morning and signals to Beth that she has to make many efforts if shge wants to beat Borgov. He tells her a short story of his chess career and explains how Borgov actually gets its title of world champion. Then Harry remarks the tranquilizers that lay in the bathroom. When he goes out of there, he sees that Beth is dancing to “Fever”. Harry tends then to a little embarrassed around her.

A doubtful pair

Episode 5 assaults the improbability that may lay behind romances, but as Beth tends to be a quiet character especially when she thinks and expresses her ideas that it’s easy to be surprised. Harry continues to practice chess with Beth. He says that he won’t be around as much as he did because he finds another apartment. Beth then tells him to move for free into hers. By instinct, Harry kisses her. But he quickly says sorry. Beth tells him that she isn’t ready but they finally hookup. In bed, Harry doubts and he wanders himself if it’s better to go to his room or to stay with her — that situation really seems to overawe him.

A former high school student

She goes out a while and one of her former student whose name is Margaret meets Beth in a shop. Beth ironically tells her that she loves the chess and the travelling as she enjoys a certain “thrill of seeing the boys” — she marked out “the boys” because Margaret specially points out that matter when they were younger. Beth notices that Margaret has already a baby and that her pram was filled up with alcohol.

Henry waited for it

Once at home, Henry asks Beth if there is something between her she and Townes but she promptly torqued no. Henry acknowledges to waiting for her, and says that it is the reason why he decided to fix his teeth. But Beth changes rapidly the subject. Later, the pair debates on a chess play, and Henry statuses him to be sharper than her.

Harry does not really appreciate chess

Episode 5 carries out a theatrical epiphany when it comes to having a career in chess and how it points on Harry that he does not share the same point of view as Beth.
The day after, in the morning, Harry tells Beth that he will join his new apartment while he has finished teaching her all the things he knows. Beth says that he has been very helpful to her. Henry confesses after that he doesn’t really love chess as much as he used to do and he’s not absorbed in “Winning all”. Harry offers her one last book to peer at and orders her to take care of her just right after narrating to her about a well-known chess player that got mad and retired at 22 — he calculates Beth can be like that.

An old adversary

A flashback runs the series in 1967 in Ohio at the US State Championship. Benny assists to the tournament and the mind games starts. Both players are focused on the tournament. Outside of the building, Beth notices that Benny discusses with a student reporter. She asks him about the knife he carries around. Benny says it is just a prevention.

Speed chess is not really performant

Episode 5 shows a Beth that falls into the same traps and allows Benny to immerse her head.
Beth comes with Benny and his friends to do some speed chess. Benny asks Beth concerning the next move that appears on the board. She accepts to play one game with him at five dollars a game. They then decide to play speed chess. They play successively and Beth always lose, which forces her to give him a huge amount. The more Beth loses, an audience collects around. Beth goes back home completely agitated and very sensitive. She hesitates on her capacities.

The ending

The day after, Beth asks Benny if his goal is to really make fool of her. He repudiates her question and states that she’s the best player around and that he’s always just been the best at speed chess. They fight against each other in the final — she easily beats him in thirty moves with such credibility. Soon after, Benny and Beth drink and Benny is furious about the quick loss. He asks her advice about the Moscow Invitational because the winner of US State Championship is habitually invited. Benny then asks Beth what will she drink , and he pretends to really care for her health — Beth tries to switch to another subject and plays with his hair, but Benny insists on the Moscow subject as he ponders she has a chance. Benny then offers himself to become her trainer and invites her to come in New York.
Ultimately, after much pulling and throwing, Beth accepts his offer — Benny tells sex is off the table; he’s playing hard to get, ridiculously.
From the beginning, Beth has been completely dependent on others; The Queen’s Gambit episode 5 suggests a different life for the main character as she has to go through the adult world.