Episode 6 : Adjournment

The opening

This last episode starts with a flashback of Beth’s biological mother who tells her that somewhere there is a smart man who tries to teach her things but recommends her to never forget herself, which joins the theme of the chapter as she finally just did that. Back to the present, Benny is still training Beth for chess moves and Russian as they are in a road trip to New York.

In Benny’s place

Benny’s apartment in New York is in a basement, which seems to be very basic even if he lays out there his complete chess achievements. Beth at first sight is surprised by the place, and she needs a long time to adapt herself. Benny gives her an air bed before adding that she won’t find a drop of alcohol in the apartment. The shower is situated in the corner of the living room — it’s very different of what she’s used to.
Benny and Beth train chess extremely. They replay all the plays in order to make her able to match the best players of the globe — The Soviets. Benny embarks a couple of friends, among but she refuses – seeing that, Benny looks pleased.
Beth is trying to stay sober— the episode 6 inducts some hope to the character so that she can get rid of her bad habits.

Speed chess: still and always

Beth rapidly knows Cleo in the kitchen. She says Beth that these friends persuade her from committing suicide. She’s a model. Benny then suggests to make a simultaneous game, but Beth insists on playing speed chess. She defeated all three of them instantaneously over and over again with speed. In the end, Benny breaks play and tells Beth that she’s finally got it.

Sober moves

It is well known that Benny falls in love with Beth but he finally resigns on it and acts indifferently during episode 6.
Benny tells Beth that it is the first time in 15years that someone has done that to him. Beth explains she’s also sober which means it must be helping her focus. Benny at least grabs her, and they have sex. Quickly after, Benny goes back to the chess moves ‘talk, which does bot please Benny.

Time for Paris

Beth lands in Paris in 1967. She assists to a conference and answers questions, even the ones concerning Borgov. The grandmaster looks captivated by her dedication and preparation. Ultimately, in the tournament, Beth should affront Borgov. One night, Cleo rings her as she’s in Paris — she questions her whether she’d like one drink. This offer attracts Beth and finally she resigns, goes out and joins her.

Just one drink

Episode 6 demonstrates the strength of the temptation as it only takes a single temptation to relapse, and Beth gives in to that.
Beth says then to Cleo that she only takes drink. And, characteristically, it is not only one drink. Beth tells Cleo what would be her occupation if she lived in Paris. Cleo says then to Beth that she has many skills, which is more compared to what the others have.
After, Cleo explains to Beth that as a pretty woman, she has also a high sex-appeal. This is there that Beth feels that it is Towners that she loves.

The important game

Meticulously, episode 6 shows a Beth who devastates her whole trip and once again, finish a substantial defeat.
In the morning, Beth wakes up at the bathroom — she eats a tranquilizer and abandons Cleo in her room. She looks at the game that opposes her to Borgov after quickly wearing clothes. Beth needs to drink much and Borgov feels that she’s not ready enough. Cleo arrives and she begins to worry and always ask for more water. A tear rolls down her cheek, and she abandons.

Beth wants to stay alone

Benny calls her, and he explains to her that she’s done — there’s a tinge of dissatisfaction in his tone. Beth tells that it has not changed anything. Benny tries to put her back to New York, but Beth needs to stay alone.

A sudden legal meeting

Episode 6 is not a happy sequence for Beth because she must adopt legal mode once she is home — this scene is upsetting in some ways as it shows a man that displays an absence of compassion and Beth just wants answerability.
When she arrives home, her lawyer calls her. — Mr. Wheatley finally decides something else about the house. She can stay there but when she will be established, she should go.
Beth addresses Mr. Wheatley and orders him to keep his promise as she is her adoptive girl. Then, she asks him whether he has already heard his ex-wife playing the piano. Beth wants to acquire the house, but she will be withdrawing what she paid for her adopted mother funerals.

An invitation to the USSR

Beth fights for the house until it becomes hers. One day she receives a letter that asks her whether she is willing to support the non-profit organization Christian Crusade that is in the forthcoming competition in the USSR. Benny calls her and advises her to take the money and join the competition. He adds that he misses her and that she really has to take the money to attend this.

Incontrollable Beth

Beth is still drinking. Once at home, Harry Beltik phones her, but she does not answer. Beth spoils her time in the house dancing, drinking, and smoking. She cannot stop herself from drinking everyday. Finally, she collapses alone at home while knocking herself out on the table. Harry Beltik takes care of her, but no replay.

The ending

Beth has been phoned by a local tournament director. They wander if she can come an hour early for photos with the paper. While she comes in, Beth immediately searches aspirin. Her first rival in a tournament is present there, and she does such a long travel only to see her playing for real. When goes out to smoke before the first round starts, Harry Beltik opposes her and utters that he is afraid about her situation. As he works there, he watches her in the supermarket from the office. Harry informs Beth that his father has been an alcoholic during his lifetime. But he soon realizes that she’s not even listening to him. So, he wishes her good luck and goes away.
Beth misses the tournament, and she goes home. The episode closes when her friend from the orphanage Jolene comes at her house.
The Queen’s Gambit episode 6 is a chapter of an imperfect mastermind reaching her top. The Queen’s Gambit carries alcoholism into the crinkle — addiction occupies a main place in this series from the beginning till the last chapter.