M. Shaibel

Mr. Shaibel( Bill Camp)

M Shaibel

Mr. Shaibel is a janitor. He works at the orphanage where Beth spends her entire childhood. He is the first person who initiates Beth to chess game. He then remarks rapidly that she is very keen on it and teaches her the majority of its rules – including how to concede. After, he gets her the opportunity to go far with it. Mr. Shaibel is very discreet, which seriously troubles Beth until the end of the series. His position concerning the game is not really clear throughout the plot. In fact, no one knows if he has participated to some tournament or not. However, it may be very ridiculous to imagine that he will play chess against himself in the basement. It makes no sense. Shaibel’s teachings follow Beth all along the whole season, which demonstrates his cleverness and the important role that he plays in Beth’s development both as a chess player and as a person.

Mr Shaibel act

Apart from his role in that series, Camp is also known in Lincoln, 12 year of slave, Love and Mercy, Loving, Molly’s Game, Vice, Wildlife and Joker. He also leads some role in The Outsider and The night of.