Matt & Mike

Matt & Mike ( Mattew Dennis Lewis & Russel Dennis Lewis)

Matt and Mike are twins. They never show up together. However, they tend to be very merged, especially in their intellect. That is the reason why they have the same spot on this list. Beth first sees them during her first chess tournament. They are not too convinced of her chess abilities but she always fights them. Also, she is totally novice at the use of chess clock, but she never miss to wipe out all her rivals, each time she plays.

For that, Matt and Mike respect her, even esteem her, and are conscious that she masters more the game than all of them do. Yet, they become one of her best friend. They also accompany her for her tournament all over the world, and even contribute to her victory during her final game against Borgov. It’s logical that only the most intelligent player in the world can find the right strategy to outsmart a Grandmaster.