Beth Harmon and her independence


Beth Harmon is a very independent person. She exemplifies this trait
several times throughout the story.

Did she learn to be a strong person or is it innate for her to be independent?

Did the car accident caused by her mother cause her to be self-reliant?

In Episode 2, Beth walks to school by herself. She proudly answers the
teacher’s question of what a binomial is. At lunchtime she sits by
herself at a table even though she sees all the Apple Pi girls
gathered all together over at another table.
She is a queen bee in her own right and not a Wanna Be.

Beth is interested in having a relationship with the men that come
into her life. But she never checked off the relationship box. She
does not need a man to feel fulfilled in her life   This is not the
typical girl gets guy story. Beth did not care about winding up with a
mate. All she really cared about were check mates. She did not need a
knight in shining armor to feel complete. She just liked to compete.

She definitely has her own sense of style and fashion Her dresses are
fashion-forward Plus, she buys the outfits that she likes regardless
of any output from others   She shows us how to be empowered in every
episode. She never was a pawn.


Another instance of her displaying independence was when she decides
to decline the Christian charity’s fund sponsoring her trip to attend
the world chess championships in Russia. This occurs immediately after
the women request that Beth make a statement about the U.S.S.R’s views
on Communism and atheism. She was going to get to Moscow for the
finals any which way she could. She grabs her checkbook and writes the
ladies from the Christian Crusade a check reimbursing the amount. She
is now a free bird.

When Beth’s step-father, tells her he intends to sell the house,
leaving her homeless, she decides to pay him the $7,000 herself.


Finally, in the last episode Beth quickly decides in an instant to
walk out of the car and to the airport on her own. She politely asks
the limousine driver to stop the car. She proceeds to open the car
door and we see her ascend down the corridor of all the local men
playing chess. She would rather play her board game then board the

This story is a tale of a woman leading the journey into her own
powerful world. She does it her way.


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