Beth’s win against Borgov felt like a forgone conclusion after her Luchenko victory


The build-up in the first half of the finale makes the audience expect a big catharsis from her game against Borgov.For most of Beth’s chess career, she’s been chasing a win against the reigning World Champion.

Her two prior losses against him (one of which was at the beginning of a low point in her chess-related struggle with addiction) prepared audiences for the epic win over Borgov to be the emotional high of her story.

But it wasn’t. That rush of emotions came instead primarily from her win over Luchenko.Don’t get me wrong: The final excitement of Beth defeating Borgov, with her support team of chess-boys behind her, was fantastic and thrilling to watch.

More tears came when Benny was able to tell a room full of her best friends and supporters that she had won, and they exploded with the same victorious energy I’ve seen in male-dominated sports movies my whole life.In the end, Beth had claimed her title and left no doubt in anybody’s mind that she was the best chess player in world. But by the time she was a World Champion, Beth had already become a queen.


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