The Queen’s Gambit: How a Russian Chess Champion Helped Create the Netflix Series


Netflix’s the Queen’s Gambit has proven to be immensely popular, becoming the streaming service’s most watched miniseries of all-time. In addition to gripping, novelistic storytelling, the show also benefited from the accuracy of its portrayal of how the game is played, its history and its community. Much of this success can be traced to the work of consultant Bruce Pandolfini, as well as Garry Kasparov, one of chess’ most famous champions and ambassadors.

Despite its immense popularity about 605 million people play regularly the game is often botched in its onscreen depictions. Even big-budget films, like Captain America: Civil War, are not immune to these errors, as in a few shots it’s clear that a chess board’s pieces are placed incorrectly. While these mistakes may seem minor, to those who understand the rules, it’s similar to seeing a football player passing a cricket ball in a movie.


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