He was the oldest player participating in the Chess Championship held in Moscow, Russia. He was the world champion even before Beth was born.In the last epsiode, the tournament announcer mentioned that “He defeated the great Alekhine in an exhibition when he was a boy, played to a draw with Botvinnik and crushed Bronstein in Havana. And while he’s no longer the tiger he once was, he’s a dangerous player when allowed to attack”

The Match between Luchenko vs Beth Harmon is termed as the most powerful game played ever in The Queen’s Gambit.More Insights – Luchenko was first mentioned in “The Queen’s Gambit” in episode five, when Harry Beltik told Beth to study his games against Borgov in 1962. In that same episode, Benny Watts told Beth she attacks just like Alekhine, the same player who Luchenko beat when he was a boy.

Then we see that Luchenko is playing white during the Penultimate match in Chess championship in Russia, meaning he’s able to move his pieces first, therefore having the advantage over Beth.We all cherished this moment and it indeed made us feel good. In chess, many players do not have good sportsmanship, even in users try to stalemate & resign lately in order to have a delayed loss. Many of them don’t respect their opponents.

I feel bad that this society is wanting us to win alone & learn nothing. There are many people who can’t accept the defeats but then what Luchenko did at the end, despite losing the match was commendable & emotional.If you are a chess player, do not feel bad for your loss and do not disrespect your opponent. More importantly, never worry about your ratings, a win is a win & a loss is a loss, so always accept the situation and move on Luchenko was truly an inspiration & an example of how to treat your opponents while playing a Chess game.


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